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    Electrical Re-wiring


    Electrical Re-Wiring

    Checking Electric Circuit Board

    Electrical Re-wiring For Your Home & Office

    Hey there! Do you experience power shortages, a flickering of lights, or overloading in your house? Then it might be the perfect time for the electrical re-wiring of your home. Rather than waiting for some major incident to occur, you should take proactive steps when you can. Electrical re-wiring is a valuable service for people who live in old residential properties as they will have to replace their existing wiring sooner rather than later. But what do you exactly mean by electrical re-wiring? Well, it’s the replacement of the faulty wires or old cabling in your home with newer cables in the market. This way, you can easily plug in new appliances that need a stable power source at all times.

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    Similarly, you will hardly experience any power shortages or overloading, thanks to the re-wiring done by our electricians!Oh, that’s right! We forgot to tell you about our electricians, didn’t we? You should hire our electricians whenever you need re-wiring in your home or office space around Sydney! Mountford Electrical is a reliable company offering affordable electrical services, including electrical re-wiring! Whether you want electrical services for your home or office property, we can very much do the job!So why not hire our electricians today? Mountford Electrical is here to give you long-lasting solutions for your electrical problems!

    One Step Away From A Wonderful Experience

    Protect your family against any potential mishap related to faulty or old wiring. You should go for professional re-wiring as soon as you notice something wrong with your existing electrical wiring system. That’s right. A licensed electrician from Mountford Electrical can inspect your wiring and cables to see if your home is at a major risk.Our electricians have the best tools at their disposal, which allows them to effectively inspect anything and everything that’s wrong with your electrical setup. Similarly, we have all the necessary tools and resources for comprehensive electrical re-wiring at your home. Our electricians are fully licensed and have years of experience in re-wiring cables and wires.Here are the benefits that tag along when you go for our electrical re-wiring services in Sydney!
    • Increased Electrical Capacity
    • Enhanced Safety
    • Better Insulation All-Around
    • Stabilised Power Source For Appliances
    • Reduced Electrical Bills
    More importantly, you will have peace of mind knowing that your home no longer has old wiring in its walls and ceilings. Your family can sleep just fine without having to worry about various electrical problems that arise due to poor or old wiring.

    Why Choose Us - Mountford Electrical?

    Electrical problems cause much more damage than we even realise. That’s why experts recommend you replace the old wiring in your home or office as early as possible. But you can’t just hire any electrician out of the blue, can you? So why should you call Mountford Electrical for electrical re-wiring in Sydney or its nearby suburbs?
    • Our electrical services are affordable, whether it’s an installation project or a repairs callout.
    • We have a crew of experienced electricians working with us full-time.
    • Mountford Electrical never sends sub-contractors to your home.
    • You can hire Mountford Electrical for home and office electrical re-wiring projects.
    • We are available 24/7 for emergency electrical services, and we are COVID Safe too!
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    Q1: What is electrical re-wiring?
    It refers to replacing the older wiring system at your place. It must be done when you experience power shortages, a flickering of lights, or overloading in your house.
    Q2: What includes electrical rewiring services that you provide?
    We will look into power shortages or overloading before installing electrical rewiring for your place. Our objective is to provide a long-lasting solution.
    Q3: Do you provide electrical rewiring services for restaurants as well?
    Yes, we provide electrical wiring services for restaurants too. We excel at making our services available for residential and commercial areas.
    Q4: Why should I choose your electricians for rewiring work?
    You should hire our electricians because they can offer you long-lasting solutions. Whether you want electrical services for your home or office property, we can do the job.
    Q5: Do you also provide electrical rewiring services for offices and industries?
    As we have discussed, our services are available for commercial and residential purposes. So no matter your electrical rewiring needs, we will be suitable to handle the job.
    Q6: How long does it take for your electrician to rewire a house?
    It will depend on how big your house is and how far you have spread your electrical wiring system. One thing that we make sure of is that we will complete the job without wasting any time.
    Q7: Can you rewire a house without removing walls?
    We will have to look into the matter first. If rewiring can be executed comfortably without removing walls, we will get the job done.
    Q8: What are the benefits of doing electrical rewiring?
    You won’t suffer from concerns such as power shortages, a flickering of lights, or overloading in your house. To make things simple, electrical rewiring is to make your wiring system flawless.

    Our Testimonials

    It took me a while to find an electrician who was responsive (almost immediately) and who was willing to share the time to explain my options in detail. For context - i was undertaking a major renovation including a complete rewire - something i was even more sure of after Karl went through pointing out the hazards from what was a dilapidated property. Karl laid out a plan, made suggestions, was willing to consider and implement custom requests. He also presented an invoice that was much more reasonable than some of the competitors (a big tick for me) and i was more than comfortable moving forward with him. Things to note - Karl was never more than a phone call away - and patient with my slow build. He was also very particular about keeping things neat, clean and symmetrical (something i cant say about my other tradies). From the way cables were clipped, the layout of the lights, the height of all the panels - Karl was always making sure there was perfect alignment. Finally, Karl as promised only used quality clipsal products at my place - i told him i didnt want anything fancy, just reliable and thats exactly what he gave me. Absolutely 10/10. If i ever want to go through the pain of a reno ever again - Karl will be first person i call.

    Hashem Jamal

    Amazing response. Neat work with reasonable price.

    Shailander Bhatia

    Karl was excellent, this is my preferred company responded from Hi Pages, he gave excellent price comparisons, ideas suggestions, on time responses, I cannot praise this company enough, I did all my dealings by SMS and online payments, and this was so convenient for me as I was repairing a tennantent house, Karl worked in with the Tennant beautifully and provided the trustworthy reliable environment required ... I cannot praise this Electrician and company enough. I highly recommend. First class.

    Kim Cannon

    Couldnt be happier - fast effecient good price and bloke

    Adrian Buterc

    I was very happy with the work that Karl did for me today in Caringbah South & would definitely recommend to others

    Melinda Spencer

    If there was an option for 6 stars that’s the minimum Karl and the team is worth. I first got Mountford electrical out to my warehouse showroom,they done their magic and the place Was lit, I also got him out to do a few changes at my place was on time well priced and a gentleman to deal with


    Karl was hired to change a damaged light switch in an appartment He was happy to come and do the work even though it was a relatively small job. Met him at the site, he arrived on time and completed the job a true professional. Would happily hire him again.

    anna caprara

    I was extremely happy with Mountford Electrical’s service. The down lights look amazing. Karl was very professional and did a great job. I highly recommend him. Thank you 😁

    Abeer Amoud


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